Gerevich András versei angolul a Corvinánál

Gerevich András (1976) költő, műfordító a fiatal magyar irodalom markánsan egyéni képviselője, a költészet örök témáit magas szinten megszólaltató, érett formaművész.
A harminchat verset tartalmazó válogatást neves angol és amerikai költők és műfordítók – Thomas Cooper, David Hill, George Szirtes, Christopher White, Peter Zollman fordították angolra.

Angol nyelvű könyvbemutató és beszélgetés március 26-án 19.30-kor a Treehugger Dan's kávézóban.

Résztvevők: Gerevich András költő, Kúnos László, a Corvina Kiadó igazgatója és Christopher Whyte skót költő és fordító. Moderátor: Gulyás Gabriella.
Budapest, VI. Lázár utca 16.
Belépő: 500 Ft (diákjegy: 300 Ft)

Thursday, March 26, 19:30-20:30 – Book Launch:

Poet András Gerevich, Scottish poet and translator Christopher Whyte, and Laszlo Kunos, head of Corvina Publishing. The evening will be moderated by Gabriella Gulyas, who used to be the literary programs manager at the British Council and is now at the Petofi Museum of Literature.
"It is one of the most difficult things in the world to write poems so clear, so pellucid, so free of metaphor and simile as to be almost pure speech. Everything depends on narrative shape and tone because there is little else. András Gerevich's poems are like that. They are mostly about love, desire, and passion; a little like a diary, a little like a letter, a little like a confessional, the first person singular being at the centre of each. But there is nothing self-indulgent about them. In that respect they are reminiscent of Catullus on the one hand and Cavafy, in some moods, on the other. It is the range and precision of emotion that gives them their necessary independence: voice becomes free-standing sculpture, moving, elegant, beautiful. The poems enter English with a lightness, almost unannounced, as immediately recognisable feelings that make their own space and hold it as naturally as if they always belonged there." – George Szirtes

At Discover Budapest/Treehugger Dan’s Lazar u. 16. / 500 HUF (students 300)

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